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How to repair DWG file of AutoCAD drawing

Modified on 01/01/2019

This professional AutoCAD DWG repair tool features a uniquely efficient data analysis core and an interface that both professionals and novices with appreciate. The program will show you how to repair DWG files online in seconds even if you have never worked with data recovery tools of any sort!

The repairing of corrupted AutoCAD project - step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download DWG Repair Kit here:
  2. Install DWG Repair Kit
  3. Start DWG Repair Kit
  4. Select corrupted *.dwg file
  5. Preview repaired drawing and press Start recovery button

How to repair DWG file?

Repair AutoCAD file online

DWG Repair Kit is an end-to-end AutoCAD DWG repair tool that enables users with and without experience to successfully restore the contents of AutoCAD files damaged after all kinds of data corruption accidents. These accidents may include, but are not limited to, virus attacks, hard drive failures, broken downloads, file transmission errors, file system errors and a lot more. Intended primarily for illustrators, designers and digital artists, this compact AutoCAD file repair tool opens damaged DWG files, identifies recoverable elements in them and extracts them directly to AutoCAD.

The product is based on a proprietary engine that was created from scratch to ensure the best in class efficiency of DWG recovery in the worst cases of file corruption. To make the program accessible for users who don't know how to repair DWG file data on their own, its creators equipped it with a highly intuitive step-by-step wizard interface that requires a bare minimum of user involvement.

The product also features a built-in preview function enabling users to see the recoverable content of AutoCAD files, zoom in/out and navigate across the image using the mouse. DWG Repair Kit automatically detects the version of the damaged source file and saves the resulting data in the same format. Users willing to repair AutoCAD file online can work with 2D and 3D drawings of any size and with any degree of corruption.

The product requires absolutely no 3rd party components or libraries to operate, has an extremely compact installation file and supports fast and hassle-free data recovery from AutoCAD DWG files of nearly all of major versions, including 2000, 2000i, 2002, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012 and newer ones.

AutoCAD file repair tool

The only requirement for successful recovery is a copy of AutoCAD installed on the user's computer at the time of recovery.

DWG file repair tool download

Key advantages of DWG Repair Kit:

  • An ultra-fast, efficient and reliable engine capable of restoring data from the most seriously damaged files.
  • An intuitive multi-step interface making the program an excellent choice for those who don't know how to repair DWG files online.
  • Comprehensive support of a number of popular versions of AutoCAD DWG files: from 2000 to 2012 and above.
  • Compact installation file size - this DWG file repair tool download will take just a few seconds on an average connection.
  • Support of 2D and 3D drawings of any size.
  • An integrated preview module with zooming and panning support
  • Automatic detection of the version of the source file and saving of recovered data in the same version for better compatibility
  • Direct transfer of recovered data to AutoCAD
How to repair DWG files online?

A free demo version of the program can be downloaded from the official website of Repair Kit.

System requirements: Windows 98 and above

Note: The software cannot export recovered data into AutoCAD LT. OLE Automation is blocked in AutoCAD LT.

Customer's reviews and ratings
Riley Glenn 2021-04-06

I got a link to the repaired file, but when I'm trying to open AutoCAD, the DWG says an invalid DWG version. Thanks for technical support that saved the file in my version.

Danika Cantrell 2021-03-18

The software did not fit, since it dont fix the AutoCAD program, but asks for a drawing. This is not what I want.

Itzayana Levi 2021-02-07

Due to the use of AutoCAD and other similar programs for the .dwg file, it has grown to 2GB !! According to the official instructions, it was necessary to clear the properties of each element that were savings in other programs, but they did not explain how to do this step by steps! If you got here with the same problem, I can recommend this program, as I was quickly relieved of this headache. My file has lost weight and now opens quickly in AutoCAD

Abampere 2021-02-02

The quality of recovery is excellent, but a huge disadvantage is that it is a very slow sofware. The file was repaired in 3 hours, can you imagine?

Steven Horne 2020-12-24

I am restoring .DWG file to the client from the hard drive, but it does not want to open. AutoCAD refers to file damages. The customer naturally refuses to pay additional fees for bug fixes and threatens to leave a bad review. I had to pay $12 for the file myself. There would be fewer such clients, and more developers like you! You saved us from an angry client

Ronin Dangelo 2020-12-11

Faced the following situation: AutoCAD again and again demanded to repair the drawing, even after running the Drawing Recovery Manager utility. I got tired of this and decided that something should be done about it. As it turned out, the whole problem was in the file, after fixing the errors, the file opened flawlessly

Malani Anthony 2020-08-06

After fixing the file containing errors and incorrect information. In the program log it was written "312 objects" were restored, which shocked me. Opened the .DWG drawing, it turned out that the house plan consists of 312 objects!

Jericho Archer 2020-07-23

I had multiple AutoCAD sketches that needed to be restored. Having tried restoration online, I realized that this is a necessary thing for architects and in the future for me. I want to note that AutoCAD himself corrected the damaged files, but at the same time he removed the drawing elements that caused errors. As a result, they had to be redrawn. The program, after analyzing it, fixed the errors of the first file, which weighed about 1GB, the fix took more than an hour.

Tarboosh 2020-06-25

When I recover a deleted .DWG file from a removable USB drive, AutoCAD wants to help recover this document when I try to open it. But AutoCAD cannot fix the errors and offers to restore the file again. The Online Repair service fixed this problem, but the picture changed, and some lines changed direction)))

StiveNidus 2020-06-11

After loading the damaged .DWG file, I get some previews of my drawing. After payment, I saw that some layers in the restored drawing were merged. Now you need to use AutoCAD to solve this error.

Administrator 2020-04-03

If you cannot find lost objects from corrupted DWG file on preview page then tool cannot help you. The purchasing of Personal License (or other License) allow you to export repaired data into AutoCAD.

Mintysternum 2020-04-02

When I restored the .DWG file from the hard drive, AutoCAD was unable to open the drawing file. I have a problem with the AutoCAD Recovery tool, I want to fix my .DWG file, but it does not work properly because AutoCAD opens an empty file. In the demo, everything was successfully restored, but will it open in AutoCAD if I buy a personal license?

jCole 2020-02-27

Online service coped well with recovery damaged .dwg file, which one I cannot open in AutoCAD 2010. But, due to the fact that you can’t upload TWO files at the same time. It is not comfortable.

dasdasdasd 2019-12-11


amar 2019-04-04


ihab 2019-02-12


pippo 2018-09-21


Steve 2016-05-07

Thanks! My drawing was repaired on 90%! But software work slow.

Farid 2015-11-15

Fine service for repairring bad AutoCAD drawing!

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